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I have this Gerold Porcelain double candleholder. It is in great shape. When I research this item,
I get between $5. to $500. Can anyone help me narrow this gap please! Bernie

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You are amazing! I think my cold is affecting my eyesight, that or I can't
count to 15. Did you get a selling price? Would love to keep, would love it
more to sell. Bernie
Bernie, your eyesight is fine. Randi's post is #16 down, not 15. It was not there when I posted the link. She added the picture afterward. Note that YOUR PICTURE was copyrighted by Randi Boles in 2009.

It looks the same BECAUSE it is the same. Same shiny blue background and "08" in lower right corner.

Randi, sometimes I jump to the wrong conclusions, if so would you please explain what you did?

Randi created that picture and added the letter -B to the number you provided.

She then discovered her own post.

Truly amazing. Truly worthless. I also note that she has terminated her earlier posts in which she gave you false hopes that she could find your item and that it would be worth in the high range.

This kind of deception is detrimental to the good name established by IAO. I don't understand why Randi would do such a thing as she is quite knowledgeable in antiques and provides very good and useful information.
The information I provided was from eBay's Completed Sales. That means listings which have ended in which the object was sold. As I reported they ranged from a low of $15.00 to a high of $30.00. There were no sales higher than that. And although JoAnn gives an "estimate" of $65-70., that too is way off the $500.00 value that Bernie was hoping for. My information is accurate; JoAnn's is estimated.
You didn't answer the question of where did you get the photograph that you sent to JoAnn for inclusion in her website?
Randi your earlier post which you terminated said that Gerold Porcelain ceased operations in 1997 and all molds were broken. You have now revised it to read 2002. You also said you thought his piece was worth $500.00. Talk about getting things wrong.....and if you read your history, Gerold Porcelain (by that name) didn't begin operations until 1993. If Bernie's piece has Gerold Porcelain (or the German wording) on it then it's from 1993 to 2002. It is not an old piece. It is as JoAnn stated, "Birds were one of Gerold's most produced items and are common..."
If Bernie's candleholder has "Neue Porzellanfabrik Tettau, Gerold & Company" on it then it could have been made in the "early 50's". If it says Gerold Porcelain, it is from 1993 onward.
Bernie's picture of the Mark is at an angle that I cannot read it.
How about a straight on picture of the green mark so we can read it? Also the tag. The date on that looks like 1959 or 57 or 51.
I am not delusional Randi; I didn't call you any names. I even complimented you. Your posts confused me and possibly many others and I wanted you to explain. Although you didn't say it it is obvious that you used Bernie's picture.


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