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I have this Gerold Porcelain double candleholder. It is in great shape. When I research this item,
I get between $5. to $500. Can anyone help me narrow this gap please! Bernie

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How Great! Everyone makes it look so easy. Got my fingers crossed for the upper end.
No hurry, But thanks. yourbounty, Bernie
You are now my new best friend, I hope. Please don't let it be a fake. That would be a shame,
the monies raised was for a local charity. Thanks again, Bernie your bounty
Gerold porcelains were begun in post WW II in West Germany and continue today in Germany.
Completed sales on eBay as of today show 30 items, of which 11 sold and 19 did not. Highest sale was $31.00 and lowest was $4.99.
EBay, Current Listings are 24; highest price for a figural girl (Buy it now) is $125. There are 57 listings in eBay stores.

I only see 1 single candlestick and it's for sale for $9.99. Bid price.

I do not see a high range anywhere near your $500. The majority of completed sales is in the $15-30.00 range. Sorry.
Thanks for your help, but I still hold out some little hope. I did not check out ebay as sometimes the S&H is more than
the cost of the item, I was mostly on Ruby Lane, Tias, and the porcelain home pages. This company has some history.
Opened 1902, registered 1904 closed in 1997 with most molds destroyed. The factory was gone and a museum was
set up in 2004. The piece I have was made between 1937 - 1960, my piece was hand dated in 1951. The pieces I don't
have are a lamp (midsize) 425.00, eagle 110.00, or center piece bowl at 565.00. The ball, frog flowers, and traditional birds
are an asset to the candleholder, or so I can hope. Thanks again, Bernie
Try Chris Marshall's site. He has also helped me on more than one occasion.

Thanks for the link. I went there and was there before. It make less sense to me than
the first time. The only thing I did find is someone is selling a pricing list for $10.00.
If your item is not listed you are out of the cash. Thanks a plenty, Bernie
PM&M is donation only. I did find the site you have referred to with the $10.00 list.

Perhaps if PM&M is as confusing to you as it once was to me you could email Chris as I did.
I don't know if he offers values as I've never asked. My inquiries were for research purposes only and I went from there. The detailed information I got was the same if I had donated or not.
To everyone helping me with my porcelain candleholder,
I guess I should have looked at the piece more carefully.
The is a small number on the bottom, model # 5089
Should have seen it sooner. Thanks Bernie
Thanks for the update, Bernie
Bernie, this site is copyright protected. Value is not given. This is exactly the same piece as yours except it has a cherub instead of birds. Copyrighted by John Cherbone in 2003. If you want to get the market value the site requires a $10.00 fee. Here is their link:

http://www.gerold-porzellan.com/candleholders.htm (scroll down it's the 15th picture down).

All the pictures are close. And it is 7" x 7". I saw #5098 and found birds. I read a lot of the info before listing here, that is where my original confusion started.. Please note, I am grateful to everyone for spending so much time on this for me. (Gee what can I find next)
Seriously, Bernie THANKS


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