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Hi All -
Just wanted to invite you all to read my Bakelite Blog which you hopefully will find informative - take a look! link is listed below:


Enjoy! Also, feel free to visit our shop listed below - great sale going on and mention that you an iantiqueonline member and get free jewelry shipping! always fun to window shop!


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Thanks Linda, I printed out your excellent blog on Bakelite so I could read it this evening, thanks for posting this. Dianne
Wow...just read your blog and you two are "Bakelite" gurus! That is awesome! I'm no expert but I did write a brief article on my collectible treasures blog and would love for you to come by sometime and share your wealth of information.

My mom gave me these bakelite bangle bracelets a long time ago and showed me the 'test' for real bakelite. They are translucent bangle bracelets with etched design. Not positive about the accurate color name but determined the closest was "cream corn" color. When I researched similar items online, I was shocked to see their value! I was a bit concerned at first because mine were not shiny. But, then I read about how many sneaky reproductions there are and how you can tell because they are too shiny. So, now I'm proud of their 'vintage wear'!

Can you tell me any more about these bangle bracelets? What color do you say they are?
hi ellen -
thanks for reading our bakeklite blog - and for the kudos! as they say, "my mom taught me everything i know!"

your lovely bakelite bangles are apple juice bakelite and are desirable - because apple juice bakelite is. do you know the test for bakelite?? simichrome polish is one test - we have been dealing in it so long - way before that test - we like just running the item in question under very, very, very hot way - and if you get a strong phenal smell - bingo, it's bakelite!

stop by the shop anytime and remember our great sale!

Ok...apple juice! Thanks! I like that better than cream corn. smile. Yes, I did both those tests and there is a strong 'chlorophyll' smell. I like doing the hot water test the best.

I have one nice bakelite meat tenderizer that I've listed but also have a couple of teaspoons that I haven't - as the handle on one is cracked. Does anyone buy 'damaged' bakelite at a bargain?
ellen -
we don't like damaged bakelite - too hard to sell - at least our customers - they like perfect bakelite - so we try to carry only perfect pieces - easier for us!

some one might buy it is they are a jewlery maker. cut and polish it to fit a new piece they are making

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Original and reproduction hardware
hi -
maybe - but we are partial only to true authentic perfect vintage bakelite items - but you are correct - an artisan my like it -


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