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A bunch of stamps and a few first day cancellation envelopes have come into my possession. As I have little interest in starting another collection of something. They came in a gallon storage bag and I did sort through them and discarded many I thought were worthless like cancelled Liberty Bells and NFP stamps. As I am not set up for stamp collecting. I wanted to know what would be the best way to display them at a garage sale without having to invest in a stamp album (I'd probably have to spend more on the album that I could get for the stamps, and I don't even know what a fair price to ask would be). I do have a photo album and attempted to put the stamps one by one between the acetate, but they get turned around, crumpled or fall out. These are what I kept out the the bunch:

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Used stamps have a value as a collectible even if they can not be used again in mailing letters. Most philatelists assemble a cancelled stamp collection because they are more rewarding to collect than the mint stamps. The value of recycled used stamps increases according to its rarity and beauty.

Based on the ideas they post for how to arrange your stamp collection, it seems that your idea of using the photo album would work.  There is some discussion about being careful as to not bend the corners, etc...but I don't get the impression that you are overly concerned at this point.  :)


I spent 4 months trying to sell 8 cardboard boxes full of uncancelled stamps for a friend of mine. She inherited them from an uncle. She had a local bid of $450.  The highest bid I got was $400. Nobody (that I found) buys stamps like these. First Day Issues are almost worthless. Collectors specialize in what they want and known rare issues. Those who collect cancelled stamps do so because they are inexpensive and readily available.

Selling them in a Garage/Yard sale would be the quickest and easiest way. Put them in a shoe box, no  lid, so buyer can look at them; sell for $20. Lower to $10., $5., whatever it takes. If seller wants 1 or 2 sell them for $1.00 each. Good Luck.

I was going to take them to a local stamp/collectibles shop for advice, but he's only open Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 3:30 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm. Not very convenient hours for most folks. I wonder how he stays in business? If they are so difficult to sell as you say, probably not worth the 20 mile round trip there to be told they are junk. I always appreciate your input, Tom.


Here's some more input...On eBay, ended today (8/12/19) "over 5,000 cancelled stamps sold for $14.95".  That's $.002990 per stamp.  If you have 100 stamps, that's $.30 cents.

Does anyone collect anything anymore?

There will always be someone...but stamps?  People laugh at me because I still use them?  Therefore, I don't think they are attracting a lot of positive attention these days.  :(  

I have a huge box that I inherited some years ago that I cannot even find...yet.  Who knows, by the time I do, maybe they will make a resurgence?  Don't be sad, there are a lot of cool things you can create with them!


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