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I can't find any information on ARGTO / 1000. Who, where, when, what?

Thank you!!

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Well Lisa, It's gorgeous! Lets start there, shall we? lol

Just as a "first guess" I'd say, 1920 - 1940 Silver plated Hollow ware. ( anything of a "dish" server or otherwise, is considered hollow ware" Just for fyi :)

I've not heard of Argto or perhaps it is Arcto - or a shortening of a major company name? I'm not certain on the "1000" either, it looks like you may have a lot of wear? could it be 1930 for example?

Try looking through our "links" section at the top of our group page here. I think you will find some success there. It may or may not be American. Perhaps our Liz could help us out there?

But to start I would go to "American-Letter A - see what you can find" if it's a no, then try some major European makers/ countries like England, etc..

Here is the one at the "top of my list" sites:  American, to letter A - http://www.925-1000.com/silverplate_A.html

Hi, Thank you for the "Hollow ware"....I always thought that was utensils per se.

On another forum, I was told that ARG & (smaller) TO is short for Argentato and it's Italian. It's Silverplate at 1000/1000 level. They weren't sure on a date, they were thing maybe 1960's? 

I do doubt that this piece was made that late. Is it quite heavy? The older the plated piece, in general, the heavier it is. So, that is one clue. The other obvious clue, to me anyway is the design.

This design and style was very popular in America and Europe in the 1920 - 1940's time period. If you look at patterns of flatware (silver ware) you will see a strong influence of the same type and style. That is what I'm basing my opinion on.

Now, how did you do with the silver marks site? It certainly could be Italian or Argentinian as well, But that gives you two more countries to explore via your markings. So that may be good news!

I'd still start with US and work your way though. I'll bet you find it! Good Luck! :)

It weights 1lb 6oz. I did double check the marks site, but it seems that ARG is the  italian apprv. for argentato which in itself I think simply means silver plated. SO, in that case I don't have a makers mark. The design is what caught my eye too!

Well, I think I found one very similar to yours. Sold at auction. Unfortunately, it didn't go for much. :( However, it indicates "Eales" = perhaps this is your maker?

Here is the link: http://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-1373245/vintage-art-deco-italian...

ARGTO is short for ARGENTO which is "silver" in Italian, and there are many items on Google. https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrTceKCxuNU4sAAuGk...

Utensils are called "flat ware".  I get them mixed up too.  Where it's written in Italian I would think that is probably where it was made.  The 1000 looks more like 1990 or 1930 to me.  The style says 1930 also. Are there any tiny hallmarks?  They might give you the answers.

I thought it was 1990 too, but I've only see 1000 and lower numbers, not higher. With a magnifying glass and my camera zoomed to the max there is really only one that is slightly visible that might be a hallmark. The only other distinctive marks look like generic hammer marks of some sort. 


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