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Post a picture of the socket.  You can tell the age, country of origin and many times maker by the socket.  Make sure to show details of the inside, any markings on it etc.   Also show the base of the lamp.  Is it spelter, or cast brass?.  Cord looks new, so without a picture of the bottom and the socket, it appears to be from the 1970's, although banquet lamps were not popular from that time period. The fitter and the chimney as well as the globe, look to be from an earlier period.  With more photos,  the real age could be determined.

This type of lamp is usually called a "Banquet Lamp". They are tall, and usually in traditional designs, like yours.

This is just a guess, but I think late 1940's to early 1960's would be the era for yours. Value depends on lots of things, best to check ebay, or other site for current prices.

The glass here  - is it cut or pressed? You might also take a very close look at it, to see if you have any markings/letters. They are usually VERY hard to spot, look in good lighting, and turn at angles all the way round, looking at top rim, bottom rim, inside and lower outside rim. It might be US, Czech, or possible Irish. It has a similar pattern to Waterford Crystal, but I would need to know more.


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