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I want to share my passion, I collect antique globes, pre 1940  I have bought and sold many globes over the past 10 years always steadily improving the collection I have. I believe in condition above all else, in fact I've been adding only one new globe a year the past few years because of scarcity, and condition issues.  I purchased my first globe on a whim in a large antique mall in surburban Rochester NY I still have that globe a mint condition Crams 16 inch floor globe 1938.  

     I own German, as well as American globes, but lately I've been concentrating on American globes more and more.  The highlight of my collection is an 1890 Gilman Joslin 12 inch table globe, in fantastic original condition, found in Vermont by a picker and passed to me only if it were still boxed up could the condition of that globe be better, amazing survivor,  very lucky to have found.

Please ask me anything about my hobby, I could talk globes until the cows come home!!  

Please see some pictures of my collection below, a   a close up of a rare Rand McNally celestial, and a pic of a Gilman Joslin 1890  a group shot to follow

sorry for the sideways shot.....

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I want to mention that the table the celestial globe is placed on is  a federal period inlaid candle stand, a nice antique in it's own right.


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