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I recently acquired a very detailed piece of embroidery and I was hoping to get a bit more information about it.
It’s a piece of soft linen which has been embroidered using silks- the colours vary in shade, which leads me to believe they have been hand dyed? 
It looks like it’s been hand stitched from the reverse- also shown.
It looks like Elizabethan embroidery but is there any way to be sure? 
Someone has suggested crewel embroidery but it is a light linen and the thread is more of a silk than a wool.
It measures approximately 1 meter by 1.25 meters
I understand it's hard to see online, but I'm interested in finding out what sort of age this piece is and whether it's worth anything!

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Try looking up antique embroidery on linen...lots of examples.  I was on UK ebay and almost nothing was priced below $150?  It is well done.

Ooh Thank you! I haven't yet looked on eBay! 

It is definitely based on older English embroidery techniques, but I think it was made in the 20th century (1930s+). The vibrance of the blue and red threads makes me think they contain artificial dyes. The sheen of the threads could be because of silk content, or it could be because there is a synthetic component in the thread makeup. I have a similar piece of fabric and it was made in India.


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