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Can anyone help me identify maker/age of this heavy glass dome? Picked it up a few years ago in antiques/flea market in Mississippi. It is 11" across and 5" tall, not counting loop handle. Weight is about as heavy as my large crystal dome! Thinking of selling it and don't have any idea of value either. Did not come with a plate or pedestal. 

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Oh dear Bonnie, I'm afraid these photo's are very dark. I cannot even make out the shape of your looped finial there.

I'd say for certain it is black amethyst glass, but anything beyond that is not possible (from me anyways) with these pics. 

Can you retake your pics using natural light, or at least a bright overhead lighting spot, in your home? Place the item on a white background - towel, sheet, pillowcase or whatever is fine. Please include a close up of the top, especially the looped bit there.

As a guess, I'd say it's likely depression era, ( 1930 to 1970) and it probably came with a cake plate or pedestal. Just as a guess, makers of the black amethyst glass could be L.E. Smith, Viking or Fenton. There are many others, but I'd have to have a better look at it first. 

Ok will do. Thanks!

Hope these help.

I put a couple small flashlights under it too, to show color. 

Definately appears hand blown to me.

There does not appear to be any additional pictures?

Sorry, I did not realize that the pics were not visible. I am in middle of packing and moving and did not see last reply for a couple days.

More pics.



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