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I came across this little "tabletop" thermometer the other day.  It is metal, about 4" tall and less than 1" wide, with a base.  It says Minnesota Atlantic Transit Company.  It looks to have some age to it, but I am having difficulty locating much more about it.  Any input would be helpful and appreciated.

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Please tilt your head to the side for proper viewing ;)

good find, I know people are hot for them

maybe from boat on lake superior?

Thank you, Bonnie,

So, are you showing me something that is talking about the ship itself?  Like it is a named and known vessel from years past?  So the thermometer sat on the top of the "bridge" in the "command center"? 

That is really cool, if I am understanding correctly.  

So, where might I find out information about the age or other such thermometers from "ocean transit"?  

I am guessing

Company began operations in 1922. In 1928 purchased 5 WW I ships that were built locally on the Great Lakes too late for war. They named the ships, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and were known as the Poker Ships. They never turned a profit and 2 ships were scraped and 3 others were sold to the govt. They also owned a smaller ship called "Nine". It was scraped in 1941.

Inside the emblem is a flag, or pennant,  known as a burgee. It has a dove tail on it and "MAT LINE" on it. MAT stands for their name. I could not locate this burgee in  Minnesota's ships' flags. Most burgees are registered to Yacht clubs and members fly them however commercial ships also fly them.

To determine more about the ownership you can contact the Secretary of State's office, corporate records division. Many states offer it free and online.

Correction, in my reply of last Sunday I stated the burgee had a "dove tail". Actually it's a "swallow tail".

Addendum. MAT was the parent company. Each ship had its own name. On a hunch I googled, "SS Ace freighter" and lookee-see what came up. http://www.navsource.org/archives/30/22/22014.htm

I wonder if SS King, SS Queen, SS Jack,  SS Ten, SS Nine might turn up more info.

I would guess that your thermometer wasn't on a ship but rather on somebodies desk of the parent company, or maybe it was an advertising promotion.

Look closely on the bow under the name "Ace"  it faintly reads "Minnesota Atlantic Transit".



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