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Pam who started this lovely Group likes Romantic Style Barkcloth. I like abstracts and bold colors from the 1950s. I also like boomarang shape designs. Here are some samples of retro barkcloth:

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Great Diane thanks for adding this and the barkcloth description I was going to ask you because I read your article but you beat me to it. Perfect member!! Do you have any pics to add to Pilloow Talk or Bag lady?
Ok, I will add some pics later... I wrote an announcement about you on the main page... I didn't see Bag lady yet...Im going to look now...Dianne
Morning Diane, Glad you joined hope you will share your pictures with us too...and if they are for sale use tags and links!!
You can email me at vintagepastelle@aol.com I think I put that in my me page wih my website vintagepastelle.com I will go check. The weird new thing with this site is i dont have to sign on anymore it just says I am always on...Dianne Z if you read this whats up with that?.
Pam....in the right hand corner of your main page you will see as sign out button....you have a choice to sign in or out...if you do not sign out...you always "in"...but you will have to have your password handy if you "sign out"

Dianne Z
Diane (with one "n")...I would love to see those...can you post the photos here? I love g geometrics...Dianne
I like the boomerang shapes, too! Here are a couple fabrics from my website, http://www.rickrack.com:

And here's an abstract print from my eBay store, Rickrack Vintage:

Diane (with one n): I find that your best bet on eBay right now is to use the fixed price option, with "best offer" if you like; that way you don't risk giving your fabric away!
Ooh La La......thanks for sharing, Dianne
Here's another one that's currently on the Vintage Drapery & Upholstery Fabrics section of my website. I love the bright colors and strong contrasts...:

I love these abstract designs..but why is the Barkcloth era referred to as 1930-40's? I know that there was lots of barkcloth from the 50's...so therefore, should I extend the dates from the 30's thru the 50's? I never thought much about it until right now...thanks for bringing it to my attention. I only have one retro barkcloth in my entire collection..I fear I am a fan of the floral and tropical..although I rarely have even tropical in my collection..oh damn..okay, I admit it..I like the roses that you find in the 40's era cotton fabric...L (I am too girlie)
Here is an abstract / geometric / atomic age / Eames Era barkcloth, that I just sold at my etsy shop! The great thing is that the lady who bought it is making valances for set decoration of a high school production of "Grease"! I think that is the 'neatest' thing! :O)

Love it, Diane!


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