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Hi all -- I have a piece of FireKing (sorry I didn't see it listed but figured it is close to Pyrex) that has oven stains on it -- brown in the creases around the handle and stains in the bowl. Any tips on how to clean it? So far, the ones I have read that sound most promising are baking soda rubbed on in a paste and vinegar -- but thought I would ask while I was out at the site. Thanks for any tips you may have. Judy

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Have you tried Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser?  I find they work wonders. 

Not yet -- thanks for the tip. I have been working on it with this and that -- and it looks better but still needs more work. I will get the Mr. Clean's the next time I go to the store.

I like the original Windex formula - with the ammonia - spray it on, let it sit for a bit, then scrub, using a magic eraser along with it, might be very good to. Depends on how bad it is?

I usually can get away w/paper towel. I dis-like using water if I can, cause it takes much longer. ( I'm an estate liquidator, and just want to be done - LOL)

Thanks - I'll try to remember what works and post. I have cleaned some of it off with baking soda paste and a toothpick -- but had to stop and do other things.

Just wanted to let everyone know that what finally worked was CLR, (it "blasts" Calcium Lime Rust). It was marked safe to use on pots, pans, etc and says it is formulated in partnership with the EPA. And using a toothpick to just poke that grime out of the ridges. Still one darker spot and not sure I have gotten all of the stain that is on the inner bowl yet but I have made a lot of progress.


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