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Here is my other love besides my antique and vintage textiles. I am an addict, so if any one has any antique clowns you want to sell....

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Lisa...clowns are creepy...
Not my clowns...smile...I love them...creepiness and all...I don't do kitch clowns, only the scary ones...have a nice evening Colleen..regards, Lisa
I do collect the Mardi Gras clowns and jesters, tho. Love the outfits and the colors. But something about that "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" movie warped me forever. Your very old clowns are entertaining. Those, I like. Do you know how old many of them are or anything else about them?
Hi Colleen..the oldest dates to around c.1890 I think...some are Schoenhut..the monkey, I dunno, he is crazy cute and very old. The squeezebox dog is also super old, an original..wild. The clown on the apparatus is very old as well, dating to turn of the century I was told. He is my favorite and my first piece. I wish I knew more about him. I also love the guy on the horse..he was my second piece. I think he might date to 1890 or earlier as well. The ducks are vintage candy boxes. Then there is the metal doohicky which is vintage/antique and made of lead. I have some more that I didn't shoot that are also schoenhut...I have a felix the cat...a lion, a few more clowns that are schoenhut..the wonderful Mardi Gras clown is turn of the century too btw, that is the one with the blue hat and porcelain face, at least it was sold to me as such. It has cymbals so if you squeeze the body, the hands clap the cymbals. I also have a wonderful jack in the box that I will shoot later as well as a few more...this is fun!!!
Oh, also, there are two turn of the century German roly poly clowns..the miniature one is the rare one as it is hard to find them in miniature. The tin guy on the lead ball (big red ball) is an antique french pull toy..he is awfully cute I think...L
Given the age of these and the fact that they're essentially toys - doesn't it amaze you that they're still here? I get shocked by that everyday. I love the roly-polys, and I think I have to agree, the one on the hanging bar thing is my favorite, too.
Absolutely! That is the root of my addiction and collecting..I mean, kids played with these! The clown on the apparatus is THE ORIGINAL clown who did this and was knocked off many times by the Japanese. He still works but I haven't done it for years for fear of breaking him. I almost dropped him a while back..can you believe? I wish I knew more about him...the name of the company that manufactured him..so any help..any body..would be great. Thanks for sharing Coleen..this is so much fun!!
I LOVE jesters btw...
What does that mean...fear of clowns? heh heh

Okay..how about this guy..he is an original Jack in the Box...doesn't the paper front just kill you??? L
Wow! Now this is a nice thing to own. Love the graphics! I have to ask - does he work?
The paper reminds me of Hallowe'en! He looks a 'wee bit' evil, doesn't he? Boo! :O)


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