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I have a unique Elizabeth Series Singer sewing machine.  ID number shows that it was produced between 1921 and 1923, it's treadle style, dark oak, a black, ornately painted black and colored machine and a closed body style, which is unique in my experience.  It folds into a 2 1/2 high x 2 wide x 1 1/2 deep "box" - look.  Could pass for almost Mission-style when closed up. Really good condition.  Any thoughts on value or history of this piece? I know old sewing machines don't really appreciate in value like other pieces, but it's awfully cute when folded up (or out.)


Thanks! (This is my first post to this forum, so if I did anything wrong, go easy on me! :) )

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Hi Mindy! Could you please post some photos? We'd all luv to see it! :O)

I will! First time pix post on this forum...here I go! One photo of it open and one of it closed:

Mindy, that is a gorgeous cabinet, and a lovely sewing machine! I have a 1920's portable Singer sewing machine with the wooden case. It needs a cleaning, and needles.
I have a working Singer portable from around the 1960s.
Take care, Diane :O)
Thanks! I can take no credit for its lovliness! What kind of resale value do you think it has? I just want to turn it over at a decent price and make a little profit. Heard antique sewing machines are not a big seller, nor are they items that appreciate in value a great deal as they get older. But, I might be wrong...Your thoughts? Or anyone else's? Thank you
Hi Mindy! They are so expensive to ship, so they really have to be sold privately, or at an antique store, or mall. Sometimes at estate sales here, I see sewing machines just sit there, and other times they go, but then it depends upon the asking price. Boy, I wish you lived near me! LOL
I'm just selling online now, as I can make money on items. When I rented an area at an antique store, I 'lost my shirt'!
The antique marke varies across the country, and what people buy in different areas, does too.
Here is chicago area we have quite a few very beautiful machines i our store and they just sit - we had a 1941 singer with original case, booklets and all accessories with the original oil still in the box and the machine looked as if it had never been used - it finally did sell after 2 years of mark downs -- it started at $100 sold for just $15 becouse the dealer wanted it out of there space!! we also have several late 1800's models that just collect dust, all with origional cabnites and all under $50 --- They just don't sell out here!!! Good Luck!!


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