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I am new to this forum and would like to ask a question. I recently inherited a very large collection of marbles. I know absolutely NOTHING about them other than the fact the previous owner coveted them. There are trays and trays of marbles each in its own little holder within the trays... Does anyone know where I can get a value for them without spending a fortune having each and everyone of them appreaised? I am interested in selling them for a fair and resonable price without getting ripped-off and need some help with this one. Thanks so much for any information provided!

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If you don't know anything about them then you may be running the risk of being ripped of. I would suggest going to your local library and checking out a few guides about marbles to see what you have. Then you will be in a better position when you decide to sell. Also there are several websites you can go use to learn about them. Do a Google search for antique marbles and you will find what you need.

I studied marbles for about 2 months. I then advertised on ebay and out of 50 or so I sold 3 of them. Buyers of marbles want VERY RARE, HAND-MADE marbles in Boulder or Shooter sizes in very good ("wet mint") condition. Anything else is a waste of time and effort. I saw about 500 at a yard sale 2 weeks ago and all were machine-made and I passed on them even though they were only $2.00. Google marbles-there are quite a few very nice websites; read them and study them.

I collect antique hand-made marbles. In the marble world, Robert Block is the main person when it comes to books and values. If I were you, I would go to the local Barnes & Nobles, get a coffee and sit down and look at his books. He has written multiple books and they are excellant. The big problem is that machine made "Vintage Marbles" are very confusing. The marbles I collect are hand-made Antique marbles. If you could post some pictures, I will be happy to give you some direction. If they are hand-made marbles I would be interested in buying them and will pay a fair price for them.
I have over 1,000 marbles in my personnel collection. If you are close to me, Maryland, I will be happy to meet with you with books in hand to look @ your marbles.
Hope this helps.
Glenn: I have several hand-made for sale. Pictured are: Marble, 5/8 ceramic yellow/blue glazed, nice condition. Bennington mottled brown Shooter, 11/16 nice condition. Hand-made German Letticinio Yellow/Orange and German Solid Core Pinwheel, black, green red, white. Both these are boulders. 1 small flea bite on pinwheel.
My e-mail address is listed under my Profile in Members. I have some other clay Benningtons, and some commies. I have some interesting machine mades too, Christensen swirls, Gladding Vitro, green transparency, double corkscrew, nine-submarine, plus others too numerous to mention! Tom


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